Our company founder, Louis Olori Sr., firmly believed in supporting the community
where he lived and built his business. His picture below is a bronze statue of the Blessed Mother, Lou and his sons moved from Westchester to its present home at the Marian Shrine in Stony Point, NY. Lou was a dedicated member of The Sons of Italy, The Knights of Columbus, The Boy Scouts of America, a volunteer fireman as well as other community organizations. Lou instilled this sense of giving to his sons and to future generations of the Olori family. Still now, thanks to Lou, we continue to give our best efforts into assisting anyone in need of assistance.

In the past, we volunteered for organizations like Make A Wish and various veteran associations. Donating to the Boy Scouts Hudson Valley Council or Dominican College has been essential to help our commonwealth for the future of the youth. Local churches like St. Peters & St. Mary’s or The Marian Shrine have always been held close to our hearts, giving them a helping hand is one of our greatest joys. Members of the Olori family have served and still serve many Non-profits and community organizations like Jawonio.

Marian Shrine Cropped